We have two convenient office locations. Both locations are safe and close by.

Location 1: Our main office is in the safety and security of your home or wherever you want it to be.

We are your “Elder Law House Call” specialists. We have been meeting our clients needs in their homes for over 30 years! Welcome us into your home and you will remember the way it used to be – when people cared enough to make house calls! Of course we can meet at your elder care facility, hospital or other house call location.


Location 2: Our remote office is nearby and safely located.

If you feel more comfortable meeting at our remote office, that would be fine also. We are located across Jennifer Road from the Trader Joe’s traffic light at the Annapolis Mall (We still call it The Annapolis Mall). Our office building has wonderful access and elevators. You may click HERE or directly on the big map below to get directions from your home.